How Far Can Wood Stick Out Of Your Truck

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How Far Can Wood Stick Out of Your Truck?

Are you planning to haul some lumber in your truck but are unsure how much can legally stick out? Being aware of the regulations and safety guidelines is crucial to avoid hefty fines and potential accidents. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of wood protrusion rules, ensuring you transport your cargo safely and without hassle.

Legal Requirements

In most jurisdictions, there are specific laws governing the length of wood that can extend beyond the rear of a vehicle. These vary depending on the region and vehicle type. Generally, for passenger vehicles, the maximum overhang is between 3 to 4 feet, while for commercial vehicles, it can be up to 8 feet.

Safety Considerations

Apart from legal requirements, it’s essential to consider the safety implications of protruding wood. Excessive overhang can reduce visibility for other drivers, create potential hazards, and increase the risk of accidents. It’s crucial to ensure the wood is securely fastened to prevent any unwanted movement or dislodging during transit.

How to Measure Overhang

Measuring the overhang is straightforward. Simply extend a tape measure from the end of the wood furthest from the truck’s bumper to the rearmost point of the vehicle itself. This distance represents the overhang.

Tips to Reduce Overhang

  • Cut the wood to length: This is the most straightforward solution to reduce overhang. Measure and cut the wood so that it fits within the legal limits.
  • Use a roof rack: If cutting the wood is not an option, consider using a roof rack or ladder racks to transport the longer pieces. This elevates the wood, reducing overhang and improving visibility.
  • Securely tie down the wood: Ensure the wood is securely tied down to the truck bed using straps or ropes. This prevents it from shifting or dislodging, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Expert Advice

  • Check local regulations: Always consult the local authorities to determine any specific requirements or restrictions for transporting wood in your area.
  • Consider visibility: Ensure the wood doesn’t obstruct the view of other drivers or impair your own visibility.
  • Flag the overhang: If the wood protrudes significantly, use a red flag or reflective material to increase its visibility to other vehicles.


Q: What are the consequences of violating wood protrusion laws?

A: Penalties can range from fines to points on your license, depending on the severity of the violation.

Q: Can I transport wood that’s longer than the legal limit?

A: You may be able to obtain a special permit to transport oversized loads in some cases. However, this requires proper documentation and safety precautions.

Q: Is it okay to secure the wood loosely in the truck bed?

A: No, the wood should be securely tied down to prevent it from shifting or dislodging, even during sudden stops or maneuvers.


Hauling wood requires careful consideration of safety, compliance, and legal requirements. Remember to measure the overhang, consult local regulations, and take necessary safety precautions. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the safe and legal transportation of your cargo, making your journey hassle-free.

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