How to Get the Light Root Under Sepapa Shrine

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In the vast and mysterious world of Elden Ring, there are countless secrets hidden within its depths. One such secret is the elusive Light Root, a rare and valuable item found beneath Sepapa Shrine. Its shimmering glow and enigmatic aura have captivated adventurers, but retrieving it presents a formidable challenge.

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How To Get The Light Root Under Sepapa Shrine

To embark on this perilous quest, you must first brave the treacherous path leading to Sepapa Shrine. Navigate the winding roads and navigate past formidable adversaries until you reach the shrine’s sacred ground.

Unveiling the Light Root

Beneath the shrine’s towering structure lies the concealed entrance to a subterranean cave. With a leap of faith, descend into the darkness, where an otherworldly spectacle awaits. The cave is adorned with glowing crystals, casting an ethereal radiance upon the walls and illuminating the path.

Follow the shimmering trail until you reach a vast subterranean chamber. In the heart of this chamber, suspended high above the ground, resides the coveted Light Root. Its radiant glow fills the space, creating an atmosphere of awe and wonder.

But be warned, this precious treasure is fiercely guarded. A formidable boss awaits your arrival, challenging you to prove your worthiness. Engage in an epic battle, utilizing your skills and cunning to overcome this formidable opponent.

With the boss vanquished, ascend the staircase to claim your prize. Reach out and grasp the Light Root, its warm glow enveloping your hand. You have triumphed over the challenges and emerged victorious with this rare and coveted item.

Benefits of the Light Root

The Light Root is not merely a decorative item; it possesses extraordinary properties that can greatly benefit your journey through Elden Ring. Its potent effects enhance your abilities, granting you an edge in combat and exploration.

The Light Root’s most notable benefit is its ability to heal ailments, removing negative status effects that cripple your character. It also enhances your resistances, making you more resilient against elemental attacks and status effects. Additionally, the Light Root provides a boost to your physical attributes, increasing your strength, dexterity, and endurance.

In the unforgiving world of Elden Ring, the Light Root is a precious asset. Its versatility and potent effects make it an invaluable companion, aiding you in your quest for glory and triumph.

Tips and Expert Advice

Seeking the Light Root can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can overcome the challenges and claim your prize. Here are a few tips and expert advice to guide you on your quest:

  • Research and Preparation: Gather information about the path to Sepapa Shrine and the boss that guards the Light Root. Proper preparation is crucial for success.
  • Craft Potent Weapons: Ensure your weapons are upgraded and enchanted to deal significant damage against the formidable boss.
  • Summon Allies: Consider summoning spirit ashes to aid you in the battle against the boss. Their assistance can provide a crucial advantage.
  • Patience and Perseverance: The path to the Light Root is fraught with challenges. Maintain patience and perseverance, never giving up on your goal.
  • Embrace Exploration: Elden Ring is a vast and interconnected world. Explore hidden areas and interact with NPCs to uncover additional secrets and clues.


Q: What is the purpose of the Light Root?

A: The Light Root is a rare item that heals ailments, enhances resistances, and boosts physical attributes.

Q: Where can I find the Light Root?

A: The Light Root is hidden beneath Sepapa Shrine, accessible through a subterranean cave.

Q: How do I defeat the boss guarding the Light Root?

A: Utilize potent weapons, summon allies, and maintain patience and perseverance to overcome the boss.

Q: What are the benefits of having the Light Root?

A: The Light Root provides healing, enhanced resistances, and increased physical attributes.


The Light Root is a coveted treasure in Elden Ring, offering significant benefits to those who possess it. Embark on the perilous quest to retrieve it, embracing the challenges and overcoming the obstacles that lie in your path.

Have you ever sought out the Light Root in your Elden Ring adventures? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below.

How To Get The Light Root Under Sepapa Shrine

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