How to See Your Oldest Liked Videos on TikTok and Reddit

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In the vast expanse of TikTok and Reddit, I’ve often found myself reminiscing about the captivating videos I’ve stumbled upon. Whether it’s a mesmerizing dance performance, an insightful commentary, or a heartwarming story, each like I’ve given serves as a bookmark in my digital scrapbook of memories.

How to Find Your Liked Videos on TikTok

How To See Your Oldest Liked Videos On Tiktok Reddit

But as the rivers of content continue to flow on these platforms, it can be challenging to revisit those cherished videos. While TikTok’s “Liked Videos” section offers a glimpse into our past preferences, it often only showcases the most recent additions. Similarly, Reddit’s “Saved” feature stores our upvoted posts but without any chronological organization.

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Finding Your Oldest Liked Videos

Fortunately, there’s a way to excavate the gems hidden deep within your digital vaults. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you unearth your oldest liked videos on TikTok and Reddit:

  1. For TikTok:
    • Tap on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right corner.
    • Navigate to the “Three Dots” icon in the top right corner.
    • Select “Settings and Privacy.”
    • Scroll down to “Privacy.”
    • Under “Download Your Data,” tap on “Request Data File.”
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Once the data file is ready (usually within 24 hours), you’ll receive an email.
    • Download the ZIP file and extract it.
    • Open the “liked_videos.json” file using a text editor.
    • Sort the videos by their “creation_time” field in ascending order to find your oldest liked videos.
  2. For Reddit:
    • Click on your username in the top right corner.
    • Select “Saved” from the drop-down menu.
    • Use the “Sort by” option to arrange your saved posts by “Oldest.”

Tips and Expert Advice for Uncovering Your Digital History

As you embark on this journey of rediscovery, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be Patient: It may take some time for TikTok to generate your data file. Don’t worry if you don’t receive the email immediately.
  • Use a Reliable Text Editor: Notepad or TextEdit may be sufficient for small data files. However, if you have a large number of liked videos, using a more advanced text editor like Sublime Text or Atom will make the sorting process easier.
  • Install a JSON Viewer: If you’re not comfortable navigating through the raw JSON data, installing a JSON viewer plugin for your text editor can greatly simplify the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this method to find my oldest liked videos from years ago?
A: Yes, as long as the videos are still available on TikTok or Reddit.

Q: Is there a faster way to find my oldest liked videos without downloading data files?
A: Unfortunately, TikTok and Reddit do not currently offer a direct way to sort liked videos chronologically.

Q: What if I can’t find some of my oldest liked videos?
A: The videos may have been removed or made private by the original creators.


With these techniques, you can now embark on a nostalgic journey through your digital history. Rediscover the videos that sparked your joy, inspired your thoughts, or simply made you smile. As you delve into your digital scrapbook, remember that each like serves as a testament to the myriad experiences and emotions that shape our lives.

Are you ready to revisit your digital past and uncover the hidden gems that await you on TikTok and Reddit?

How To See Your Oldest Liked Videos On Tiktok Reddit

How to See Your Oldest Liked Videos on TikTok

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