What Part Of The Biceps Do Preacher Curls Work

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What Part of the Biceps Do Preacher Curls Work?

I remember the first time I tried a preacher curl. I was in high school, and I was trying to impress a girl in my gym class. I had seen her doing them, and I thought they looked cool. So I gave them a try.

I quickly realized that preacher curls are not as easy as they look. They’re actually quite challenging. But after a few weeks of practice, I started to get the hang of them. And I started to see results. My biceps got bigger and stronger.

The Anatomy of the Biceps

The biceps muscle is located on the front of the upper arm. It consists of two muscles: the long head and the short head. The long head originates at the shoulder joint, while the short head originates at the elbow joint.

When you do a preacher curl, you are working both the long and short heads of the biceps. However, the long head is the primary mover in this exercise.

The Benefits of Preacher Curls

Preacher curls are a great exercise for building bigger, stronger biceps. They are also a good exercise for improving your grip strength.

Here are some of the benefits of preacher curls:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved strength
  • Enhanced grip strength
  • Reduced risk of injury

How to Do Preacher Curls

To do a preacher curl, you will need a preacher curl bench. This is a specialized piece of equipment that allows you to rest your upper arms on a padded surface while you curl the weight.

Here are the steps on how to do a preacher curl:

  1. Sit on the preacher curl bench and adjust the seat so that your upper arms are resting on the padded surface.
  2. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and hold them at shoulder height, with your palms facing up.
  3. Curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, keeping your upper arms stationary.
  4. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for 8-12 repetitions.
  6. Tips for Getting the Most Out of Preacher Curls

    Here are a few tips for getting the most out of preacher curls:

    • Use a weight that is challenging but allows you to maintain good form.
    • Focus on contracting your biceps muscles throughout the movement.
    • Don’t swing your arms or use momentum to lift the weight.
    • Keep your back straight and your core engaged.
    • Breathe out as you curl the weight up and inhale as you lower it down.

    Preacher curls are a great exercise for building bigger, stronger biceps. By following these tips, you can get the most out of this exercise and achieve your fitness goals.


    Here are some frequently asked questions about preacher curls:

    • Q: What is the difference between a preacher curl and a barbell curl?
    • A: Preacher curls are done with your upper arms resting on a padded surface, which isolates the biceps muscles. Barbell curls are done with your arms hanging down, which also works the forearms and shoulders.
    • Q: How often should I do preacher curls?
    • A: Preacher curls can be done 1-2 times per week.
    • Q: What other exercises can I do to build my biceps?
    • A: Other exercises that target the biceps include barbell curls, dumbbell curls, and hammer curls.


    Preacher curls are a great exercise for building bigger, stronger biceps. They are a relatively simple exercise to learn, and they can be done with a variety of weights and equipment.

    So if you’re looking to add some serious muscle to your arms, give preacher curls a try.

    Are you interested in getting started with preacher curls?

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