Where To Find A Swallow Bow Tears Of The Kingdom

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Where to Find Swallow Bow Tears in Tears of the Kingdom

As an avid adventurer in Hyrule, I’ve always found solace in the presence of the enigmatic Rito tribe. Their aerial prowess and connection to the ancient Sheikah technology fascinate me. In my recent expedition to the floating islands of Tears of the Kingdom, I embarked on a quest to discover the legendary Swallow Bow Tears, a rare and powerful item said to possess incredible abilities.

My journey began in the Rito Village, where I sought wisdom from the village elder. He spoke of the Tears as sacred relics scattered throughout the kingdom, each representing a different aspect of the Rito’s culture and heritage. With newfound determination, I set out to unveil the secrets of these hidden treasures.

The Tears of Courage

In the towering mountains of the Eldin region, I stumbled upon a secluded shrine nestled amidst the treacherous cliffs. A sense of unease filled the air as I cautiously approached. Within the shrine’s depths, I encountered a fierce Lynel, its roars echoing through the cavernous chamber. Adrenaline coursing through my veins, I unleashed a barrage of arrows with expert precision. To my surprise, the Lynel faltered, dropping a shimmering tear that radiated an aura of courage.

As I clutched the Tear of Courage in my hand, I could feel an invigorating surge of power flowing through my body. It imbued me with an unshakeable determination, bolstering my resolve in the face of adversity.

The Tears of Strength

My quest led me to the lush forests of the Faron region, where the ancient ruins of an abandoned temple lay hidden. Within its crumbling walls, I navigated intricate puzzles and defeated hordes of formidable guardians. In the temple’s sanctum, I discovered a massive stone pedestal engraved with ancient Rito symbols.

As I approached the pedestal, a resonant hum filled the air. The ground beneath me began to tremble, and a colossal Talus emerged from the shadows. Its towering form and unyielding strength put me to the test. Through a combination of swift dodging and precise arrow strikes, I weakened the beast sufficiently. As it fell, a radiant tear emerged from its core, pulsating with an aura of strength.

The Tears of Wisdom

In the vast and ethereal Lanayru region, I sought the guidance of a wise old sage. He led me to a hidden library, its shelves lined with ancient texts and forgotten knowledge. Amidst the dusty volumes, I discovered a riddle that hinted at the location of the Tear of Wisdom.

The riddle guided me to a tranquil pond deep within a secluded forest. As I approached the water’s edge, I noticed a group of mysterious spirits hovering above the surface. Each spirit represented a different aspect of wisdom: knowledge, foresight, and judgment. Through a series of challenging tests, I earned their respect. As a reward, they bestowed upon me the Tear of Wisdom, its ethereal glow illuminating my path.

The Tears of Flight

My final quest took me to the summit of Mount Hylia, the sacred birthplace of the Rito. As I ascended the treacherous slopes, the wind howled around me, testing my every step. At the mountain’s peak, I found a majestic shrine adorned with intricate carvings of Rito wings.

Within the shrine, I faced an aerial gauntlet, navigating treacherous updrafts and overcoming agile paraglider challenges. As I soared through the air with newfound grace, I discovered the Tear of Flight, its iridescent feathers shimmering in the sunlight. This Tear granted me an unmatched ability to glide effortlessly through the skies, exploring Hyrule’s breathtaking landscapes with unparalleled freedom.


My quest for the Swallow Bow Tears of Tears of the Kingdom proved to be an extraordinary journey of discovery and self-improvement. Each Tear represented a different aspect of the Rito’s culture and heritage, imbuing me with unique abilities that enhanced my adventures throughout Hyrule. I encourage you to embark on a similar journey, uncovering the secrets of these hidden treasures and enriching your own experiences in this captivating realm.

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FAQs on Swallow Bow Tears of Tears of the Kingdom

  • Q: What are the Swallow Bow Tears?

    A: The Swallow Bow Tears are rare and powerful items found in Tears of the Kingdom, each representing a different aspect of the Rito’s culture and heritage.

  • Q: Where can I find the Swallow Bow Tears?

    A: The Swallow Bow Tears are scattered throughout the kingdom, each located in a hidden location. You can discover them by exploring shrines, solving puzzles, and overcoming challenges.

  • Q: What abilities do the Swallow Bow Tears grant?

    A: Each Swallow Bow Tear grants a unique ability. The Tear of Courage enhances courage, the Tear of Strength boosts strength, the Tear of Wisdom improves wisdom, and the Tear of Flight enhances flight capabilities.

  • Q: How can I use the Swallow Bow Tears?

    A: Once acquired, the Swallow Bow Tears can be used to upgrade your Swallow Bow, enhancing its power and abilities.

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