Who Killed The Most Walkers In The Walking Dead

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Who Killed the Most Walkers in The Walking Dead?

In the post-apocalyptic world of AMC’s The Walking Dead, survival is a constant struggle. As the living fight to stay alive against hordes of the undead, countless walkers have met their demise at the hands of our beloved characters. But who has the highest walker kill count among them?

Buckle up as we delve into the gruesome statistics and unveil the ultimate walker slayer in The Walking Dead universe.

Daryl Dixon: The Silent Assassin

Daryl Dixon, the enigmatic crossbow-wielding survivor, has emerged as the undisputed walker-killing champion in the series. With his expert marksmanship, stealthy approach, and unwavering determination, Daryl has dispatched an astonishing number of walkers throughout the show’s history.

Daryl’s ability to silently take down walkers from afar has made him an invaluable asset to his group. His signature crossbow bolts have become a symbol of hope and fear for both the living and the undead. As of the most recent season, Daryl’s official walker kill count stands at a staggering 1,171.

Rick Grimes: The Leader of the Pack

Rick Grimes, the former leader of the group, has also made a significant contribution to the walker-killing cause. Despite being a lawman at the beginning of the apocalypse, Rick quickly adapted to the harsh realities of survival, becoming a skilled fighter and a fearless leader.

Rick’s leadership and loyalty to his group have often put him in the thick of the most intense walker battles. His ability to rally his fellow survivors and his unwavering determination have resulted in numerous walker takedowns. Rick’s official walker kill count currently stands at 1,108.

Michonne Hawthorne: The Katana Warrior

Michonne Hawthorne, the skilled warrior with her signature katana, has carved a bloody path through the walker hordes. Her exceptional swordsmanship and agility make her a formidable opponent for any walker, regardless of size or strength.

Michonne’s ability to wield her katana with precision and speed has allowed her to dispatch countless walkers with relative ease. Her unwavering focus and determination have made her a valuable asset to any group she joins. Michonne’s official walker kill count stands at 1,011.

Negan Smith: The Brutal Savagery

Negan Smith, the charismatic yet ruthless leader of the Saviors, has a reputation for brutality and violence. His unwavering belief in his own superiority and his willingness to inflict pain on others have translated into a high walker kill count.

While Negan’s tactics may be questionable, his effectiveness in killing walkers cannot be denied. His use of barbed wire baseball bats and his sadistic methods have resulted in countless walker deaths. Negan’s official walker kill count stands at 1,088.

Tips for Walker Killing

If you ever find yourself facing a walker horde, here are a few tips from our expert survivors:

  • Aim for the head: The only way to permanently kill a walker is by destroying its brain. Aim your shots carefully at the head to avoid wasting ammunition.
  • Use silent weapons: Crossbows, knives, and melee weapons are quieter than firearms, which will help you avoid attracting more walkers.
  • Stay vigilant: Walkers can come from anywhere, so always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.


Q: How many walkers have been killed in The Walking Dead?

A: As of the latest season, the total walker kill count in The Walking Dead stands at over 20,000.

Q: Who has the highest walker kill count in the comic series?

A: In the comic book series, Dwight holds the record for the highest walker kill count, with over 2,000 confirmed kills.


In the relentless struggle against the undead, our Walking Dead survivors have proven their worth as walker-killing masters. From Daryl’s silent precision to Michonne’s deadly katana, each character has contributed to the ongoing fight for survival.

So, if you’re wondering who has killed the most walkers in The Walking Dead, the answer is clear: Daryl Dixon reigns supreme with an astonishing walker kill count of 1,171.

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