Who Played Drums on the New Foo Fighters Album?

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As a lifelong Foo Fighters fan, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard they were releasing a new album. However, amidst the anticipation, one question lingered in my mind: who would replace the late, legendary Taylor Hawkins behind the drums?

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Who Played Drums On The New Foo Fighters Album

The answer, unveiled on the album’s release, was both surprising and exhilarating: Dave Grohl himself. The band’s frontman and creative force had not only composed and produced the album but also taken on Hawkins’ iconic drumming duties.

Dave Grohl’s Drumming Journey

Grohl’s drumming prowess is not a new revelation. Before joining the Foo Fighters, he gained prominence as the drummer for Nirvana, leaving an indelible mark on the grunge scene. Known for his relentless energy and infectious grooves, Grohl’s drumming style is characterized by its raw power and rhythmic precision.

After Nirvana’s dissolution, Grohl founded the Foo Fighters as a solo project and took on all instrumental duties, including drumming. The band’s early albums showcased Grohl’s versatility, blending hard rock with catchy melodies and his signature drumming style.

Grohl’s Tribute to Hawkins

With Hawkins’ sudden passing in March 2022, the Foo Fighters faced an unimaginable challenge. The loss of their beloved drummer and close friend cast a shadow over the band’s future. However, Grohl, known for his resilience and unwavering spirit, refused to let the tragedy derail their legacy.

By taking on the drumming role himself, Grohl not only honored Hawkins’ memory but also ensured the continuation of the Foo Fighters’ musical journey. The new album, titled “Medicine at Midnight,” serves as both a tribute to Hawkins and a testament to Grohl’s dedication to the band and its fans.

Drumming on “Medicine at Midnight”

Despite the immense emotional weight associated with the project, Grohl’s drumming on “Medicine at Midnight” is nothing short of remarkable. He seamlessly fills the void left by Hawkins, injecting the album with a raw and energetic pulse.

Grohl’s drumming on the album is characterized by its versatility. From the thunderous opening of “Making a Fire” to the intricate rhythms of “Waiting on a War,” Grohl effortlessly adapts his style to suit each track’s unique character. His signature grooves are still evident, but they are infused with a newfound maturity and a sense of urgency.

The Future of Foo Fighters

The release of “Medicine at Midnight” and Grohl’s assumption of the drumming role have raised questions about the future of the Foo Fighters. Will Grohl continue to handle the drums permanently, or will the band eventually recruit a new member? Only time will tell.

However, one thing is clear: Grohl’s decision to take on the drumming duties is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the Foo Fighters and their legacy. By honoring Hawkins’ memory and continuing to make music, Grohl has ensured that the band’s spirit will live on.


  1. Q: Who played drums on the new Foo Fighters album?

    A: Dave Grohl, the band’s frontman and creative force

  2. Q: Why did Grohl take on the drumming role?

    A: To honor the memory of the late Taylor Hawkins and to ensure the continuation of the band

  3. Q: How does Grohl’s drumming on “Medicine at Midnight” compare to his previous work?

    A: It is characterized by its versatility, seamlessly adapting to the unique character of each track

  4. Q: Will Grohl continue to play drums for the Foo Fighters permanently?

    A: The band’s future plans are uncertain, but Grohl’s decision to take on the drumming role is a testament to his dedication


Dave Grohl’s decision to play drums on the new Foo Fighters album is a powerful and moving tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins. By honoring his legacy and continuing to make music, Grohl has ensured that the band’s spirit will live on.

Whether you are a lifelong Foo Fighters fan or a newcomer to their music, “Medicine at Midnight” is an album that deserves your attention. Grohl’s drumming is simply breathtaking, and the album as a whole is a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll.

Who Played Drums On The New Foo Fighters Album

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