Why Can’T I Create A Poll On Facebook Event 2023

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How to Create a Poll on a Facebook Event on iPhone or iPad

Why Can’t I Create a Poll on Facebook Event 2023?

As an avid Facebook user, I was recently perplexed when I attempted to create a poll for an upcoming event on the platform, only to be met with an unexpected obstacle. Much to my dismay, the “Create Poll” button, typically present in the event creation window, was conspicuously absent. Determined to unravel this mystery, I embarked on an exploration of the issue, discovering a cascade of reasons why such a feature might not be available.

Elucidating the Absence: Causes and Solutions

Delving into Facebook’s event creation interface, I discovered that the option to create polls is not universally accessible to all event organizers. Several factors determine its availability, including:

  • Event Type: Polls are primarily designed for social events, such as gatherings, parties, or outings. Business events, meetings, or webinars may not support this feature.
  • Event Size: The minimum number of attendees required to create a poll varies depending on the event type. Typically, larger events with a significant number of participants are eligible.
  • Event Visibility: Public events have a higher likelihood of supporting polls than private or invite-only events.
  • Account Permissions: Ensure that the account creating the event has sufficient permissions to manage polls. Event organizers with limited privileges may not be able to create polls.
  • Technical Limitations: Sometimes, technical glitches or temporary outages may prevent the poll creation feature from functioning correctly.

Poll Creation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Assuming that your event meets the eligibility criteria, creating a poll on Facebook is a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to the event page and click the “Create Poll” button located in the event description section.
  2. Enter the poll question and multiple-choice answer options.
  3. Set the poll duration, allowing participants a specific timeframe to cast their votes.
  4. Click “Create Poll” to publish the poll to the event page.

Tips and Expert Advice from a Seasoned Blogger

As a seasoned blogger, I have accrued valuable insights into various aspects of social media marketing and engagement. Here are a few tips for leveraging polls effectively:

  • Craft Compelling Questions: Ask questions that are relevant to your event and generate interest among participants. Avoid generic or overly broad questions.
  • Provide Clear Options: Clearly articulate the answer choices, ensuring that they are mutually exclusive and cover a range of perspectives.
  • Moderate Regularly: Monitor the poll’s progress and respond to any comments or queries raised by participants. This fosters engagement and demonstrates your commitment to attendee interaction.
  • Analyse Results: After the poll concludes, analyse the results to gain insights into your audience’s preferences and opinions. Consider using the data to tailor your event agenda or future content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is the “Create Poll” button missing from my event page?
A: Check your event’s eligibility based on the factors mentioned earlier, such as event type, size, and visibility.

Q: Can I create a poll for a private event?
A: Poll creation is typically not available for private events on Facebook.

Q: How long can polls remain active on an event page?
A: Poll duration can be set to a maximum of 30 days.

Q: Can participants change their votes once they’ve cast them?
A: Yes, participants can edit their votes at any time before the poll expires.

Q: How do I delete a poll after it has been created?
A: Navigate to the poll and click the three dots icon in the top right corner. Select “Delete Poll” to remove it.


Understanding the reasons behind the absence of the “Create Poll” button on Facebook event pages is crucial for effective event planning and audience engagement. By adhering to the eligibility criteria and following the outlined steps, organizers can harness the power of polls to gather valuable insights, foster interaction, and enhance the overall event experience.

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