What Does God Say About Tithing When in Debt?

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As a devout Christian, I’ve always strived to honor the principles of my faith, including the practice of tithing. But what happens when unexpected financial hardships arise and debt becomes a reality? That’s a question that has weighed heavily on my mind, and through extensive study and reflection, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the biblical perspective on tithing in the context of debt.

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What Does God Say About Tithing When In Debt

The concept of tithing is deeply rooted in the Old Testament, where it was considered a mandatory offering of 10% of one’s income or produce to support the temple and its ministry. In the New Testament, however, the concept of tithing is not explicitly addressed as a fixed percentage, but rather as a matter of personal faith and obedience (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Tithing in the Context of Debt

So, what should Christians do when faced with the challenge of tithing while in debt? While there is no definitive answer that applies to every situation, the Bible provides some guiding principles:

  • Prioritize debt repayment: The Bible instructs us to be good stewards of our finances and live responsibly (Proverbs 22:7). Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize repaying your debts and establishing a solid financial foundation.
  • Consider a temporary reduction: If you are unable to tithe the traditional 10% while paying off debt, consider reducing your tithe temporarily to a level that is manageable for your budget. Your obedience to God is not measured by the amount you tithe, but by the sincerity of your heart.
  • Seek counsel: If you are struggling to make financial decisions, seek guidance from a trusted pastor, financial advisor, or Christian counselor. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.
  • Avoid debt-based giving: Resolving existing debt should not come at the expense of incurring new debt. Do not borrow money to tithe or make impulsive financial decisions that could worsen your financial situation.
  • Remember God’s grace: God knows our struggles and wants to help us. He is not looking for perfection but for a genuine heart that loves Him and strives to follow His principles. In times of financial difficulty, draw strength from His grace and seek His guidance.

Expert Advice

Christian financial experts have also weighed in on this topic, offering valuable insights:

  • Dave Ramsey: Ramsey advises prioritizing debt repayment over tithing, arguing that getting out of debt is essential for creating a strong financial foundation.
  • Larry Burkett: Burkett suggests that Christians should seek God’s guidance in determining the right amount to tithe while in debt. He emphasizes the importance of being responsible with finances and not overextending oneself.


Q: Is it a sin to not tithe while in debt?

A: No, it is not a sin to reduce or temporarily suspend tithing while prioritizing debt repayment. God’s grace covers us in such circumstances.

Q: How do I determine how much to tithe while in debt?

A: There is no set rule. Pray to God for guidance and consider reducing your tithe to a manageable level that allows you to both pay off debt and honor your commitment to God.

Q: What other ways can I support my church while in debt?

A: Consider volunteering your time, serving in ministries, or giving through non-monetary means such as donations of goods or services.


The decision of whether or not to tithe while in debt is a personal one, guided by the principles of God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Remember that God’s grace covers us in times of financial difficulty, and He desires a heart that faithfully follows Him. By seeking wisdom, prioritizing debt repayment, and trusting in God’s guidance, you can navigate this challenge with peace and confidence.

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What Does God Say About Tithing When In Debt

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