What Happened to Lamar and Andrea from Love After Lockup?

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Lamar and Andrea, a couple that was introduced to the world on the reality TV show “Love After Lockup,” experienced a tumultuous journey filled with love, deceit, and ultimately heartbreak. Their relationship, which began with passionate prison visits, took a downward spiral as they navigated the challenges of re-entry and personal struggles.

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What Happened To Lamar And Andrea From Love After Lockup

The couple faced several obstacles, including Lamar’s addiction, anger issues, and a history of infidelity. Andrea, on the other hand, dealt with financial instability, housing issues, and emotional turmoil. Despite the odds, they remained committed to making their relationship work, determined to overcome their past and build a future together.

Lamar’s Struggles with Addiction and Anger

Lamar’s addiction to drugs and alcohol was a significant challenge for the couple. Despite his efforts to stay sober, he relapsed multiple times, leading to arguments, broken promises, and broken trust. Andrea struggled to cope with Lamar’s erratic behavior and the constant fear of his relapses.

Moreover, Lamar’s anger issues further strained their relationship. He had a violent past and often lost control during arguments, leaving Andrea feeling scared and unsafe. His unpredictable behavior made it difficult for her to trust him and build a stable life together.

Andrea’s Financial and Emotional Challenges

Andrea, who had faced homelessness in the past, grappled with financial instability during her relationship with Lamar. She often relied on government assistance and struggled to make ends meet, adding financial stress to their already troubled relationship.

In addition, Andrea carried emotional baggage from her past experiences, including a difficult relationship with her mother. These unresolved issues contributed to her anxiety and trust issues, making it challenging for her to fully commit to Lamar and believe in their future.

The Downward Spiral and Heartbreak

As the challenges mounted, Lamar and Andrea’s relationship began to deteriorate rapidly. Lamar’s addiction and anger issues became more severe, and Andrea’s patience and trust waned. They engaged in repeated cycles of breakups and reconciliations, each time hoping that things would be different.

Ultimately, despite their efforts, the couple’s relationship could not withstand the weight of their unresolved issues. They separated and went their separate ways, leaving behind the dreams they had built together during their time on “Love After Lockup.”

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The story of Lamar and Andrea serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges of re-entering society after incarceration and the complexities of navigating relationships with a troubled past. Their experiences highlight the importance of addressing addiction, anger issues, and historical trauma in order to build healthy and lasting relationships.

While their relationship did not work out, Lamar and Andrea’s journey also demonstrates the resilience and hope that can exist even in the most difficult of circumstances. They have both learned from their experiences and are moving forward with their lives, working towards their own personal growth and recovery.


Q: Are Lamar and Andrea still together?

A: No, Lamar and Andrea separated and are no longer in a relationship.

Q: What led to their breakup?

A: Their breakup was the result of multiple challenges, including Lamar’s addiction, anger issues, and a history of infidelity; Andrea’s financial instability, housing issues, and emotional turmoil; and a lack of trust and communication.

Q: What are Lamar and Andrea doing now?

A: Lamar is focused on his recovery and staying sober. Andrea is working on her own personal growth and stability. They are both moving forward with their lives.


The journey of Lamar and Andrea on “Love After Lockup” was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with hope, heartbreak, and the complexities of re-entry and personal struggles. Their story serves as a reminder of the challenges that can arise in relationships affected by addiction, anger issues, and historical trauma. While their relationship did not work out, it is important to recognize the lessons learned and the resilience they have both shown. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or other personal challenges, there is help available. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

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What Happened To Lamar And Andrea From Love After Lockup

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